In which beer puts a damper on Memorial Day weekend before it even begins

I am a Road Warrior but after my last trip up to Houghton Lake, I felt Great Trepidation about the first 15 miles of my trip today. Launching offa Da Planet Ann Arbor going north is practically impossible these days unless you are doing it oh, maybe Sunday morning or whatever. This morning, when I got back from my Skunk Walk and was puttering around the Landfill getting ready to hit the road and WEMU was rolling along in the background and, say what? An overturned truck just south of North Territorial? Happened at 5:41 this AM. That’s about the time I hit the shower.

I didn’t plan to blast off toooooo early. It’s complicated and involves a camping trip Mouse and the GG were on the last few days. But still. The traffic report got worse and worse. Turns out it was a beer truck and the entire freeway was blocked both ways. Note that the whole freeway was closed at this point, both northbound and southbound. I dithered and dathered a bit and kexted the GG and Mouse to the point they were about ready to ghost me but finally I hitched up the Ninja, drove it down to the river and over the Foster bridge and took dirt roads and secondary highways up and around that area.

The rest of my trip was pretty smooth, just one short backup in Flint (yes, *that* Flint) where some sort of truck had overturned on the *southbound* side of the freeway. The backup on the northbound side seemed to be a rubbernecking type of thing. There were multiple emergency vee-hickles all over the place but I had the feeling the southbound would be backed up for a looooong time. It turned out that it was because Mouse was traveling *downstate* today and got routed around Flint on I475.

I’m not sure if any of that made any sense. Suffice it to say that I got here safely and Mouse got home safely and please please please everybody else be careful driving this weekend. Oh, and the pic is my first clematis blossom of the year!

One Response to “In which beer puts a damper on Memorial Day weekend before it even begins”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That is a beautiful flower! Traffic was a mess around here too as people tried to get east or down/over to the ocean beaches. I am sitting calmly in my house! Feels good. 🙂 Hope it’s a wonderful weekend!