Bote trip to the tiki bar (but not to the grocery store)

First Pontoon Bote of the season, for me at least, so here we are out on Houghton Lake.

That speck waaaaay back there in the background is a low-flying airplane, not a pontoon plane though.

The GG was the cap’n of the day.

He parked our big behemoth Pontoon Bote perfectly at the Tiki Bar. The Courtois Boyz learned to handle motor botes early on.

We’ve been going to the Northshore Lounge for many years. The tiki bar is new and it is so much fun and we get the idea that the Northshore folks have been incrementally fixing the place up. Cleaning and renovating bits and pieces. Here are the GG and the Lord of Linden.

One Response to “Bote trip to the tiki bar (but not to the grocery store)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It looks like great fun! I used to love taking the boat to eating/drinking places. It seemed so exotic. 🙂