Twitter play #1a890e6c

@kayakwoman: Where is my Trump truck board book?

@tmotu: In the Lyme Lounge.

@kayakwoman: It needs to come home.

Yes, I have been wanting to bring my Trump board book (board book as in small child’s cardboard pitcher book (pitcher intentionally misspelled)) to Thursday coffee to show MMCB2 and I keep forgetting and today I wanted to put it out where I wouldn’t fergit it and I COULD NOT FIND IT! Who’da thunk it would be in the Lyme Lounge? Oh well, I had fergotten that MMCB1 was off globe-trotting this week, so I’ll bring it to coffee next week. If I remember. And yes, we are all some o’ them thar Planet Ann Arbor Librats although one of us (not me) flirted with Romney in 2012 and one of us (not me) felt the Bern.

For the record, it’s fine with me if my Trump truck board book becomes part of the Lyme Lounge library for the long term.

I know how boring my little twitter play is compared to covfefe. I could never in a million years come up with something that funny. At least someone among Trump’s sycophants (Ivanka maybe?) seems to have somehow convinced him to make a joke out of it after the internet blew up instead of get angry. Jeebus.

In a Lincoln in the Bardo redux, I read some reviews and discussions on GoodReads and a New Yorker review and although I certainly don’t totally understand the book, I was heartened for a few reasons. One was that I was on the right track that a bardo is kind of a space “in between”. The people are dead but can’t move on. Not that I personally believe in such a space but I know it is a concept that has been discussed a lot throughout human history. Another was that other people were even more confused than I was and some may have been pretty freaked out. A third was that apparently some of the “historical” snippets were from actual published documents and others were fictional and I kind of liked that. And finally, I’m not sure I will read that book again but one article I read (this was in the New Yorker, not GoodReads) pointed me in the direction of other fictional works about Lincoln, stories told from various people’s points of view. But not for now. I’m working on a palate cleanser for now in a direction I have no clue about so more later.

Hmmmm… Now that I look at covfefe again, I wonder if he was just trying to say something like, “I need coffee to finish this tweet?” It has all of the letters in “coffee” except for the “v”. I am kidding! (Does Trump drink coffee?)

2 Responses to “Twitter play #1a890e6c”

  1. Isa Says:

    I take him for the energy drink type. (Monster, etc.)

  2. Margaret Says:

    In context, it seemed like he was trying to tweet coverage, but who knows? I’ve given up on understanding that man, or anyone who voted for him.