The epitome of today-osity

So today… Lemme see… Oh, it wasn’t *that* bad but…

The day started at midnight, right? I woke up at that Batscope Hour thinking, hmmm… Is my throat sore? Hmmm… It wasn’t exactly but I could tell it was teetering on the edge. I felt otherwise okay, maaaaayyybeeeee the slightest touch of loooooow grade fever, so I sucked down some water and kind of chilled out for a while, kicking that Batscope Hour Processing Stuff into the corner where it belongs, and by morning any hint of soreness was gone but I was a weeeee bit more congested than yesterday’s teensy tinesy little hint. And that is a long way of saying, “Dernit, I have got the GG’s cold virus.” Fortunately I think I skipped this cold’s sore throat.

I kicked you-know-what at work today. Not bragging, just saying I was very successful at doing what I get paid to do today. It’s not always that way.

But then… It was time to go home and can I just say it took me almost an hour to make my eight mile commute? On a beautiful sunny day with dry pavement. I could see via Google that the freeway was *hosed* in *both* directions. It looked like South State up to the Ellsworth roundabout was also hosed but it’s been hosed every day for the last two weeks so how hosed could it be? Worse than usual, as it turned out, probably because the freeway was hosed in both directions. So it was a looooonnnnng slog home.

We won’t talk about President Trump’s latest [rash, uninformed] decision. I was hoping Ivanka might at least have some influence on him but apparently she is not quiiiite like the Amazon Women that I am accustomed to dealing with, not that I want a handbag designer designing our venerable country’s policies, just that… Oh well… For tonight, I am gonna listen to the birdies sing and be thankful that we don’t have any ticks in my back yard [yet].

One Response to “The epitome of today-osity”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It sounds like a regular day, full of positives and negatives. I had one too. But this latest poor decision by T. has me extremely worried and angry. I don’t enjoy feeling that way.