Beast of burden

It was a pretty regular Saturday At Home for us with an 0-skunk-30 trip to the farmers market, chores up the wazoo (for me, at least), and a hike downtown to the Griz for lunch.

There was a Man Splainer down there today. He seems to be a friend of our bartender Jenel and although he was LOUD and OPINIONATED, I chose to keep a low profile and try to figger out what he was all about. One thing he [loudly] opined about was that vee-hickles don’t need trailer hitches or roof racks. Why not just rent a vee-hickle when you need something like that? Well, why not? If you *frequently* haul trailers, then you probably want a hitch. And we *frequently* do (and have for many years). Our own Lyme Lounge and the Cfam Trash Trailer. The roof rack? If you haul kayaks, you need some way to put them on the roof. That is all. That is the one time I spoke up, well except there was something about kids didn’t need backpacks, they could just carry their books in their arms. Well, friends, I am here to say that, walking to junior high and high school back in the days when we had to walk four miles uphill each way in waist deep snow, I (like most kiddos) carried a *clipboard* (remember those) with all of my books and papers and things stacked up on it. That was in my left arm. I carried my flute in my right hand. I can’t remember how the Man Splainer got onto that train of thought. I didn’t speak up to him (what would be the point) but I did an aside to the *other* bartender about the clipboard and the flute and all and I think he thought it was pretty funny, especially the flute, which I didn’t explain 😉 As he is more my kids’ age, I’m sure he carried a backpack.

Anyway it was all fun and, although he had plenty to say, I never did quite figger out the Man Splainer’s polly-ticks, which is what I was kinda trying to do. To make it short, “Trump is an idiot but Benghazi.” Okay, maybe I do have it figgered out.

And then we took a bus back over to the west side. We’ve been taking the 32, which is loverly but it takes us to Skyline High and then around to the freeway park-and-ride and that’s all cool but it takes a while so I, all by myself, discovered the 31, which goes out Huron, branches off onto Dexter and we can either get off at Aldi’s (like we did today) or across the intersection (which we will do next time). From either stop, we can easily walk to the Plum Market, which is what we did today. It was a super-quick ride.

Here is my own personal Beast of Burden hauling a backpack home from the Plum Market. There are a few grokkeries in it. He also hauled most of our load of produce, etc., from the farmers market to the Ninja this morning. I love shopping at the farmers market but I almost always wish I had a couple more pairs of arms and today I needed an extra brain or two. And then, this afternoon after we had already been to the Plum, I had the audacity to send my Beast of Burden BACK to the Plum to get an essential item that I had forgotten to obtain when we were over there earlier. I did let him take my vee-hickle 😉

Not my fave Rolling Stones song but here is Beast of Burden. I’d have to think about what my fave RS song is…

4 Responses to “Beast of burden”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I would have had a TERRIFICALLY difficult time keeping my mouth shut, and probably wouldn’t have. I suspect that this guy already knew it all though, so trying to reason with him would have been futile and maddening.

  2. GG Says:

    Anne never has trouble keeping her mouth shut…

  3. Kayak woman Says:

    I think the GG’s comment said the opposite of what he meant but I’ll take it!

  4. GG Says:

    Actually, when I asked her to marry me she was speechless. I found that that technique only worked one time.