Bean brained sluggo

Lemme see…Twitter play of the day:

Title: I am a man. I cannot find milk.

@tmotu [making a wee brek]: Do you want any eggs?

@kayakwoman: Just one, scrambled, and use some of that wee bottle of milk you bought yesterday.

[typical brek noises from the chitch]

@tmotu: Where is the milk?

@kayakwoman: In the refrigerator.

@tmotu: No it’s not.

@kayakwoman: Yes it is, it’s in the door, on the shelf with the orange juice.

@tmotu: No it’s not.

@kayakwoman [getting up to look for the milk that she saw on the shelf in the door with the orange juice earlier in the morning]: There it is!

Where was it? It was on Gertrude’s stovetop, where @tmotu had put it after he got it out of the refrigerator.

That was a rare moment of clarity for me today. I have been in a pretty big brain fog today due to the cold virus I keep yammering away about. I got my default 10K steps and then some in today but I also did a whole lot of chilling, which I needed, as groggy as I was this morning. I am immersed in a book. What the heck am I reading now? The Rabbit Back Literature Society, translated from the Finnish. “Speculative fiction in translation” is how @bookriot billed it. I am two thirds through it and am enjoying it greatly. Read it if you dare!

One Response to “Bean brained sluggo”

  1. Sam Says:

    “Rabbit Back Literature Society”: perhaps (and TY for suggestion). Working though Robert Parker’s Spencer oeuvre at the moment (yawn; helps me sleep)—comforting….