New profile pic? Or… not…

Just don’t look at the shirt. He has a Shakey Jake shirt too. That shirt is a lot more PC than this one but the Shakey Jake *tank top* didn’t cut it with me the day (a billion years ago) we took many thousands of dollars out of one savings account in cash and DROVE it over to another bank to deposit it. We were concentrating cash for the impending purchase of The Landfill. I made him put a shirt on *over* the Shakey Jake tank top. We paid $65K for this place back then and I was counting one-a-thousand, two-a-thousand, three-a-thousand, ten every night. I will not tell you what Zillow says this place is worth nowadays. Doesn’t matter because we aren’t selling. Cracks me up that one of the primary functions of the banking product I work on nowadays is to concentrate cash.

Anyway, I never know what I am going to come home to these days. Yesterday the GG was nowhere to be found. About the time I texted to ask if he was out walking somewhere, he texted that he was at Nicola’s Books. Today? He was out the door as soon as I drove in! Whaaaa? “I’m taking your car and going to Kroger!” Okay. We were apparently out of fake sausage. It’s okay. He spacified me for a bit and even topped off my gas tank. I HATE trying to fill ‘er up during work commutes. That’s zen time for me.

So, the Shed. The GG CLEANED THE SHED OUT TODAY! Oh, not that we don’t do it every other year or two or five. We probably did it last year. I *used* to occasionally do it all by myself. Alas, it always involved hauling ten tons of crap out on to the lawn and shoehorning it back in. Old pieces of lumber that we might use someday. You know the drill. I kind of gave up after I got a job somewhat simultaneously with starting to inherit a whole bunch of crap from my parents, may they rest in peace! But today, the GG GOT RID OF A WHOLE BUNCH OF CRAP! HURRAH!!!! I would really like to replace The Shed with something more aesthetically pleasing. This is just an ancient tin thingy with doors that are difficult to deal with. We’ll see what we get up to. It’s not like it’s a chitchen or water closet that we visit multiple times per day.

When we bought the place, the previous owner (who put the shed in) alerted us to the fact that he had caught young boys UrbanP-ing off the roof of the shed on their way to school. I don’t think we have ever had that kind of incident although I have caught a guy urbanP-ing *behind* the shed a few times.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    There are so many places in this house(and the shed and garage) that I need to hit when I retire. It exhausts me to think about it. I would rather go on trips, read and drink beer. 🙂