This happened today

I was not there. This photooo was probably taken around the time I was sitting in my loverly once-dog-poopy cube staring out through the lunchroom windows (seriously, I think I have the only cube with a window view). FZ came around the corner for some reason and started laughing out loud. I didn’t really need to ask what he was laughing at (meeeee) but I did and he confirmed that I looked like I was cogitating upon life, the universe, and everything. Well, no, not really. Just SWIFT. That brought gales of laughter from multiple people. Yes, I was down a rabbit hole involving translating information from one file format to a totally different one. I spent all day working down in one little rabbit hole. It was almost as much fun as the archaeological digs I often find myself doing. Good times.

Later on I was the recipient of a photo of our Griz bartender at the Session House Brewery following the purchase of a brand new vee-hickle. Again, I was not there. I dunno. I kind of know what retaaaarrrrment feels like because I actually “retired” once upon a time. That would be the 14 years I spent between my childhood job and my adult job (the one I have now). Not that I didn’t do a whole heckuva lotta *work* during those 14 years but we won’t go into that. The good parts of those years involved the complete flexibility to pack up and head to HL or Siberia or wherever *whenever* the GG could get time off, and he had a *lot* of time off! The bad thing was that I really wanted to work my way into earning money again but could not for the life of me figure out what to do or how I would ever get hired again. I have an odd set of rather amorphous skills, plus I am probably the worst interviewee on earth. As it turned out, I *fell* into the coziest job on earth and I was happy to be there today.

Maybe kayaking this weekend? I have not done any “extreme” kayaking for a few years now, so I will have to start out slowly. And by “extreme” kayaking, I do not mean running river rapids or going over the Upper Tahquamenon Falls or anything like that. I am just talking flat-water kayaking for more than a mile or so.

But we’ll see. I am going to go in and wash my face and then we are heading over to Ypsilanti for a little reunion with some of the folks we know from the Haisley Mafia (the elementary school our kids went to). We have moved apart via various means (distance, busy-ness, etc.) but we were always good friends and still are. Gotta go, KW!

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I’ve worked since the age of 10(in the berryfields to start with), so this idea of retirement is pretty terrifying to me, as you already know. I’m afraid I’ll be a failure at it. I whine about my job sometimes, but mostly love the people and enjoy having something to get up for every morning.