Penguin Island

Our moominbeach island is not a penguin island. It is a seagull/cormorant/guano island, take your pick. Penguin Island is a gorgeously illustrated book we found at Westside Books down on Liberty, kinda catty-corner from the Oscar Tango. I can’t remember what the GG was looking for but I zeroed in on Penguin Island and though I lusted after it that night, I didn’t buy it. We are *not* collecting hoarding and have a loose “no impulse purchases” policy in place. The next Friday (the night before we road-tripped to Fla), I got to the Oscar Tango and mentioned that I wanted to go to Westside before we went home. The GG’s reply was, “Oh, do you want that Penguin Island book? I’ll go get it right now.” Our brains are closer together than a lot of people who know us might think (including meeeee sometimes) but I wasn’t all that surprised that he also coveted the book. And he did, so he ran over there and snagged it. I have no clue what the story is. I just like the pitchers.

<beep beep beep anti-Trump content alert>Speaking of books, I wrestled “The President and the Big Boy Truck” “baby” board book outta the Lyme Lounge and it made MMCB2 totally crack up over at Barry’s today. A palate cleanser before today’s Comey hearings. I have given the book back to the Lyme Lounge Library. You can buy it here if you want to.</beep beep beep anti-Trump content alert>

Speaking of penguins, it is Pengie’s birthday today and the second pic is of my brother’s younger daughter and mine. Facts:

— My brother and I each had two daughters.

— Pengie is my brother’s 2nd (of two) daughters.

— My parents have four grandchildren, all girls.

— My mother loved them all equally, as she would say over and over and over ad nauseam. It was true!

— The eldest of the grandchildren (Liz) is four years older than the youngest (Pengie). Well, four-and-a-half but that doesn’t make any difference any more.

— My older child (Liz) is two years older than my brother’s older child (Val).

— My younger child (Mouse) is approximately two years older than my brother’s younger child (Pengie).

I thought for a while about having a third child but ultimately decided not to. I do not regret that decision at all. I can’t remember whether my brother wanted more than his two or not (I think not plus he was having health problems early on) but ultimately, we both had kids that turned into good citizens and that’s about all a person can ask for, at least in my estimation.

I wanted my children to know their cousins, as I knew mine. Us cousins aren’t quiiiite like siblings but we are pretty close. Well, except there were a few years that “Mac and Mike” harassed us younger kids like crazy but we were probably bugging the heck out of them too. I certainly love them now and I have fond memories of all those years. Whatever else was going on, we were all having so much fun!

So, HB to Pengie. I love being a member of the FinFam and I love all of the folks in the fandamily.

3 Responses to “Penguin Island”

  1. Tonya G Watkins Says:

    I LOVE my cousins! We really did grow up together, and saw each other regularly. As adults (now all in our 60s!), we are all different, but the bond is so solid. There is something about blood, isn’t there?

  2. Margaret Says:

    I enjoy some of my cousins, but don’t see them very often. Others are legitimately crazy! Those relatives can stay away!

  3. Pooh Says:

    You had two girls, and 6 months afterwards, respectively, we had two boys! Here’s to cousins who are almost like siblings!!