Nostalgia for Foster Friess?

Noooooo. We were at the Oscar Tango and we were arguing about nebulously defined phrases like “open borders” and some of us were rather vocally complaining about our loverly orange Tweeter in Chief. I mean seriously, I am not a Democrat *or* a Republican. I am sick and taaaarrred of arguing over buzzwords that no one can define or provide credible sources of information about or evidence of what is going on. I want facts and evidence so I can form my own opinions. I want our leaders to answer questions directly if they are at liberty to provide an answer at all and I want COMMON SENSE to reign! These days I think we have all taken leave of our senses.

For a few moments I was actually nostalgic for the Foster Friess days. I was thinking back to a similar argument at the Oscar Tango a few years ago (back when Rayanne still worked there) when a man named Foster Friess made a totally outrageous “joke” to someone in the media about aspirin placed between a woman’s legs being a means of contraception. The OT was pretty loud that night and so were we and then (ahem) someone at our table used the F word and immediately realized she was outta line. And apologized to Rayanne, who was fine with it, having heard a lot worse. After all, the OT is a BARRRROOOOOM!

So I found myself thinking about how “simple” life was back in the Foster Friess era but then I got home and googled him and noooooo we don’t want to go back to that. Except that he supported our Orange Oligarch too so we really haven’t left it, just that somebody (a WOMAN maybe?) has managed to get him to unhinge his brain (or whatever it is that controls his bodily functions) from his lip-flappers when it comes to the extremely complex, sensitive issues surrounding female human beings and the ongoing battle over who has control over their reproductive organs. I’m not going any further than that tonight. I am not afraid to express my opinions on my blahg but I know that I cannot write anything coherent about those issues tonight. Or maybe ever…

Anyway, I am dead taaaarrrred tonight. This is one of those colds that comes with a lingering cough and mine is still lingering although I feel fine in every other way and got some ungodly number of steps (24K or whatever) in today. It is supposed to get HOT here this weekend. Am I looking forward to that or not? I am not sure. At least I am caught up at work enough that I think I can relegate my work laptop to the corner it belongs in. It has been a while!

G’night and hope y’all have a great weekend and don’t find any ticks in your bed like we did last night. Yes, really. It was a dog tick, so not the Lyme kind but still icky and creepy. We are *hoping* that it hitched a ride in from a trip out to the Lyme Lounge (currently parked in our driveway) and not from our yard. Suffice it to say that the Lyme Lounge and the Frog Hopper both got a thorough clean-out today. Which they both desperately needed!

One Response to “Nostalgia for Foster Friess?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    The idea of ticks scare me to death, so I hope it is GONE. (and any of its “friends” too!) I’m sure you know where my politics lie, although I prefer to refer to myself as a liberal and not as a Democrat. Both parties need to get their sh*t together, in my opinion.