Tis the season of strawberries and shelling peas in the back yard

Here is my annual pic of the sun rising behind the greenhouse down at Mack School. Of course I took it as I walked downtown.

Here is today’s haul (minus the boneless chicken thighs and ribeye heart steaks). It’s a smaller haul than sometimes but just trying to not buy more than we can eat. I have some produce in the refrigerator right now that is a bit past its prime and I hate to throw it out, even though that means throwing it in the compost bin. Or maybe I could freeze it to make veggie stock, as Pengo suggested on FB. Intriguing idea.

After a few billion morning chores, we walked down for lunch at the Griz at our fave Griz bartender’s new digs over on the west side of the bar. We made “friends” with a guy there who also seems to spend Saturday lunch at the Griz. I enjoyed conversing with him but I was careful about providing a whole lot of personal info, as I always am when I first meet someone.

But then, we were gonna catch a bus back over to WestArborLandia and I cut things short so we could catch the bus. On the way there, we dealt with the fact that Peaceable Kingdom is closed forever.

I don’t really have any words about that but we did get on the bus and, at some point, our neighborhood friend *Kathy* also got on the bus. We were debating about which stop to get off and I said, let’s see what Kathy does and we’ll do what she does and then we can talk to her! So that is what we did and we all [safely] crossed the streets to the Plum Market together and she went to get her hair cut somewhere and we did some shopping at the Plum and…

I love June at the farmers market here on the Garden Planet Ann Arbor. Strawberries are galore and so are peas. One of my fave things to do on a hot sunny Saturday afternoon in the backyard is to shell peas.

One Response to “Tis the season of strawberries and shelling peas in the back yard”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Our strawberries are late here due to our rain and lack of sun. We will have some great ones in a few weeks though! I need to get down to our local Farmers Market. I don’t enjoy the crowds much these days.