Trust me, you do *not* want a photo today 🐽

How not to start off the week on an otherwise loverly Monday morning.

Got up, took a shower and a walk. Actually NOT hacking up a lung as much FINALLY! But still haven’t totally kicked it. But still, everything was all right.

Got home. Did some chores. Everything was all right. Ate a wee breakfast while surfing the internet. Everything was all right. And then. Less than a quarter inch of orange juice remained in my glass. I nonchalantly raised the glass to drink the rest of it. ONE BLASTED MOLECULE of orange juice went down the wrong pipe. Now, normally this kind of event would set off a minor bit of choking and I would move on with life pretty darn quick and not look back. This time? That minor bit of choking set off an EPIC COUGHING FIT! And THAT, my friends, set off my gag reflex and…

I will stop right there.

I got through it all and decided to sit and chill in front of my laptop for 10 minutes or so and recuperate from that loverly little chain reaction of spasms.

And so I did and then I finished my morning chores and schlepped off to Cubelandia and everything was all right and I only had maybe like five minor coughing fits today instead of the 50 hacking-up-a-lung fits I had last Friday.

Onward and upward?

One Response to “Trust me, you do *not* want a photo today 🐽”

  1. isa Says:

    careful mama!!!