Ah don’t recollect…

Yeah, heard a version of that on the radio all the way home today, except I think “recall” was the wiggle word of the day. As my colleague FZ often says when interrogating a person who is asking for help with something to do with our product but can’t articulate the issue, “Answer the question!” Indeed.

I guess we’ve moved on from “recollect”. Ah don’t even know what hearings (or whatever) I’m thinking of from back in the Jurassic Age but it seemed like every time I turned on the TV, there would be a baggy old guy demonstrating his lack of recollect (or more likely his lack of *intellect*) when questioned about some kind of polly-tickle hoodwinkery. A newsperson at the time told of a frazzled mom of toddlers turning on the TV looking for Sesame Street and finding a baggy old guy rambling on and on and on (and on). Kid: He not Cookie Monster. Indeed. I wasn’t a mother yet but I understood.

Sorry to go on about this stuff but y’all know that being a crabby b*tch is part of my charm 🐸

It’s Jeep and Pan’s wedding anniversary today. That’s my cousin and her husband. Their wedding was the first wedding I ever went to and I was absolutely enchanted by the whole thing, the beautiful dresses and the pageantry and the cake and the excitement about the idea of getting married and having your own family. (I hadn’t yet thought about the actual facts involved in having a *baby*.)

I always admired my cousin greatly and her new husband was a lot of fun joking around with us kids. I still admire and love them. Happy Anniversary!

I won’t go on and on and on (and on) about all of that. But here’s a pic of the Kids’ Table. The “big” girls who are talking oh, so seriously, are my cousin Pooh and me. What could we have been talking about? I don’t *think* it was prime numbers but who knows. The little kid next to her is none other than npJane, big as life. And their sister Jay next to np. In front of me is my little bro’ The Engineer. Two of the others are our good friends Kathie and Kevin Mullin and, for the life of me, I don’t know recollect who the other boy is.

We were in the Methodist church basement for this reception and that is the door to the ladies bathroom behind the table there. I remember it all too well. Church basement wedding receptions were what a lot of people did back in those days and for many years after that. It was a beautiful wedding and a great reception and I’m not sure that a destination wedding where everyone flies in and then arrives at the venue in a fancy horse-drawn carriage or parachute or whatever is necessarily destined to last as long as Jeep and Pan’s has.

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  1. Jan Miller Says:

    Thank you for the wonderful memories and the picture on Facebook. It was a nice day for us.
    Love you!