Summer head o’ hair

Today? A trip over to Detroit for a haircut by a self-described perfectionist.

It was time. When I showed the pic of how I wanted my hair cut, which was taken the first time (but not the last time) Kaitlyn cut my hair, last September, everyone marveled at how long it was now. Yes, my hair grows fast. Although the GG is saying he likes my Summer Hair, he also frequently says, “Grow it down to your butt.” There are a couple of problems with that. One is that my hair does not grow that long. Ever. I tried when I was young. The other is that if it did grow down to my butt, it would look like hell. I have to note here that the GG grew his hair down to his butt once upon a time (before I knew him). He has made noises about doing that again. I am not a fan…

And yes, there is a whine in both the before and after pics. My hair appointment was at 1 PM and, since the whole process takes an hour or so, we hit up the Green Dot for lunch beforehand. I got up at 5:30 and walked down to the farmers market today and did most of my usual Saturday chores before heading over to DayTwa and my “breakfast” consisted of a handful of (fresh, local!) strawberries, orange juice, and coffee. I needed food and figured that I could have some whine six hours after I got up. Man, 11:30 AM is the ONLY time to go to the Green Dot for lunch. There were actually empty tables at that time. By the time we left, there was a long line.

So then we drove Downtown and we were a little early so we walked over to the waterfront and watched the Edgar B. Speer go up the river. There was a bible-yeller kind of guy hanging around Hart Plaza and I had to laugh when he interrupted his spiel to call out how beautiful my “dress” was. This was the second person to compliment me on my “dress”, the first being a cook at the Green Dot that I encountered in the ladies powder room. This cracks me up because my “dress” today consisted of an ancient black Chico’s “travelers” tank top and a long black “tiered” kind of skirt from Soft Surroundings (I think). I love outfits like this but I do not feel like they flatter my baggy old body all that much. But maybe from a distance…

And then I got my hair cut and we weren’t sure what to do next. We weren’t quiiiite ready to part. We finally decided a small spot of whine would do the trick, so we went to Motor City Wine, which is where the after pic was taken. I think my MacMu shines through in this pic. Maybe because we were in Detroit where I used to go visit my MacMu relatives? But more likely because DNA.

And then Liz (who drives my Ninja when we are in Detroit because I have no clue where I’m going) took us back to her house and I reclaimed my car and trundled back to The Planet Ann Arbor, only to find the GG sitting outside the back door feeding peanuts to chipmunks. Oh don’t worry, he went out and purchased special peanuts (without salt or other contaminants) designed for wild rodents.

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