Burping Tregurtha

A beautiful day with a few little pop-up storms and a lot of sun in between. A lot of people are posting their dads on facebook and that is okay. I have done it before myself and I’ll probably do it again. I’m not quite in the mood for looking back today so I’ll focus on the main dad in my life at the current time, The Pensioner, dad of my daughters.

So here he is on a sunset cruise ship on Lake Huron.

And kayaking.

And on the moon.

Actually not. Lizard Breath came over and we walked to HOMES, our new neighborhood brewery. It is within quick walking distance of our house, i.e., could be dangereuse. Not a full service restaurant at this time but GOOD FOOD! We noshed on Kimchi fries (Korean poutine) and fresh rolls.

And now we are hanging out in the back yard getting ready to grill some Father’s Day rib-eye caps.

Cheers to all of the fathers everywhere!

One Response to “Burping Tregurtha”

  1. Mark Says:

    Yea Bill!