Twitter play #1b687e9a

@mothernature: Flash crash boom!

@tmotu via text message: Need a ride?

@kayakwoman [walking into Landfill front door]: No.

@tmotu: zzzzzzz

If you click and click again, you may be able to see the rain hitting the driveway pavement. In the grand scheme of things it was kind of a ho-hum storm. Just a little pop-up thingy that rolled through with only a couple flash crash booms. No tree shrapnel all over the neighborhood, etc. Heavy rain for a short time (thanks ma, we needed that), then it all moved on.

That little storm cramped my fitbit style, meaning I didn’t even hit the default 10K steps until sometime after 4:00 PM. But we’re walking over to Knight’s and maybe the Plum Market in a few minutes and that’ll help me get to my *real* default, which is 15K on an average weekday.

That’s about all I have today. I know. It isn’t much. You’re welcome. Happy solstice, a day late. Looking forward to the midnight 11 PM sun over Gitchee Gumee and smart wool socks next week even though I will be chained to my work laptop and Skype-ing in to meetings.

2 Responses to “Twitter play #1b687e9a”

  1. Margaret Says:

    We are expecting some hot weather for a while–95 on Sunday. Ugh. I’ve been enjoying the 70s we’ve been having lately.

  2. Sam Says:

    New proposed nickname (for KW): (tadah!!) Skype-queen-princess!