Kitchen Dancing and other Moomincabin Fun

My BFF posted an Instagram photooo of a mug this morning so I had to post my own Big Ass mug. My parents named this mug Big Ass many years ago. The Pensioner seems to always serve me coffee in this mug these days 💜

Eventually we made it in to the NEW SAULT STE. SIBERIA MEIJER STORE. We spent $200 there today. It was so much fun! YAY!

It is so wonderful to have adult kids who cook! Here is Liz with her helper C*Q*L making chicken tikka in the moomincabin chitchen. Liz had already made us a late pea soup lunch. I did my best to keep up with the dishes. I have always been a fanatic dish processor.

Meanwhile, the Hemulin was emulating Grandroobly by sweeping the deck and steps.

While C*Q*L was practicing her hula hoop routine.

The GG was carrying Turnstile the entire time.

Mouse is actually wearing a pair of pants of some sort under her skirt. And yes, smart wool socks were appropriate for today’s weather, at least on the beach.

G’night from the moominbeach. Love y’all, KW! Dum dum da daa da dum dum da daa da dum dum dadada dum… … …

2 Responses to “Kitchen Dancing and other Moomincabin Fun”

  1. Mouse Says:


  2. Margaret Says:

    Love kids who cook. Ashley is a fantastic cook and Alison is pretty good too. I am great at cleaning and dishwashing. 😉