A DAZ day of telecommuting from the Lyme Lounge

First of all, it was a RAINY day and here is @TMOTU makin’ bacon in the moomincabin chitchen. We are all so cozy here.

After breakfast in the moomincabin, I began my commute to work. I think I may have encountered one automotive vee-hickle along the way.

Here I am at the end of my commute already.

And here is my “office”.

It was pretty hilarious trying to present at a meeting from the Lyme Lounge. Actually I didn’t have any trouble getting in to the meeting but all the folks down at Cubelandia were scrambling because somehow the meeting room was double-booked or whatever and they ended up having to Skype in from their desks. Technology works when it works and ours finally did 20 minutes after the meeting was supposed to start.

I shared the pic with Amazon Woman (my supervisor) and Cube Nayber. Amazon Woman was concerned about Moosonee, wondering what crime he had committed to be hung. Cube Nayber said my workspace looked a lot like our former co-worker Broooooosie’s cube. Yes, it does.

The other folks plus C*Q*L went hiking out at Naomikong. In the rain. I have to admit I was kind of glad to have the “I have to work” excuse to not accompany them but Lizard Breath Instagrammed a fun Boomerang thingy of the others jumping up and down on the suspension bridge, so I knew they were having fun and I kind of felt like I was missing out. Our hikers got soaked through but we have a loverly hot shower here and some people also took naps (one accelerated his with some nap juice).

I got a DAZ from FZ today (those are hard to come by). I was moom alone for a few hours and when I was not, every time I walked into the moomincabin to use the water closet or whatever, somebody was cooking or sweeping or washing dishes. Which meant that I did very little in terms of household chores today. I am ecstatic about that although I have to admit that I did sneak in to wash dishes a few times. I am a compulsive dish processor. What can I say? 🐽

And now there are all these people here. Family members of all generations and all kinds of talk going on. This is what it’s all about here on the beach.

Love y’all, KW!

2 Responses to “A DAZ day of telecommuting from the Lyme Lounge”

  1. Pooh Says:

    What’s a DAZ?

  2. Margaret Says:

    I was wondering about DAZ too! Looks like a good day. Tech has not been my friend lately.