So finally the wind died down enough that the GG could launch the Motor Bote. That means that someone has to drive with him over to the state park, launch him, and he drives the bote the three miles back to the moomincabin. Someone has to drive the empty bote trailer back to the moomincabin trailer. That someone is usually me but today Lizard Breath did the honors.

And here is the bote back on the beach with the GG and cBear ready to take off for a ride to meet a freighter.

We had steak and mashed potatoes and friends tonight and here is C*Q*L working on the potatoes. I was sooooo happy to have help with all of this stuff, especially since I worked all day and peeling potatoes was almost more than I could handle.

And then The Pensioner was grilling steaks and he saw the Mean Old Grunchie Old Grinchie’s truck came by and so I ran over there to try to entice the Grinch to come over for steak. And he did and then he actually came down to the beach with us.

G’night. KW.

One Response to “oooooof”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I am NOT a good potato peeler. My fingers often get into the peeler somehow.