21st century yooperland

So I managed to work a whole week from the Lyme Lounge. One person tried to apologize to me for dialing into a meeting on my vacation. No, I am not on vacation. I am working from the camping trailer in the parking lot next to the family cabin in the woods on the shores of Gitchee Gumee. It is a wondrous place to work with wifi and heat (which I needed this week) and whatever. Earlier in the week when my Mousie was here, she brought me soup for lunch.

This morning, Ranger Bill took off in his cute li’l ranger suit to deal with Bucky Beaver and friends.

At the end of the day Mr. Golden Sun tried to shine down on us but for the most part it was a lot like the photoooo below and now it is raining. Again.

Here’s C*Q*L in my fancy new sunnies with the GG behind her.

And finally cBear returned from a paddle board trip around the point. He was out of sight for a bit, which raised my moom-lifeguard hackles up a bit even though the cBear is an experienced EMT and knows more about life-saving stuff than I ever have or will. At any rate, he made it almost all the way back and a “rogue wave” (boat wake or whatever) knocked him off the board. He was in shallow water and it was all okay.

So, grilled bratwurst and friends for dinner and cupcakes by C*Q*L and rain on the roof and hoping to meet with Planet Ann Arbor neighborhood friends tomorrow. We’ll see what happens.

Oh yeah. I made a quick run into the new Meijer this morning. As I was leaving, the woman who was hanging out near the door greeting folks said, “Thank you.” I told her thank you too and that I love having Meijer in town. She WALKED OVER AND HUGGED ME!!!!

2 Responses to “21st century yooperland”

  1. Paulette Zych Attie Says:

    A paddle board! Wow. Is it an inflatable? I have always wanted one… but not sure I could even get up on one. I may rent one when the weather warms up from the outfitter in the Sault.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I wouldn’t like being on a paddle board; my balance is terrible! In spite of the rain, it sounds like you are all keeping busy. We don’t have Meijer–is it good?