In between peas and corn

I saw sugar snap peas and snow peas at the farmers market this morning. Both of those are fine vegetables but I didn’t buy either. Alas, I like to buy the kind of peas I can sit out in the back yard and shell. I have missed two Saturdays at the farmers market and we are now past the season for those. And a bit early for sweet corn. Lemme see though… Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, broccoli, green onions, sweet onions, small red cabbage, cherries, pasties from Uncle Peter, swordfish kebabs, and a whole chicken. I have got to be forgetting something.

As much as I love summer at my “homeland”, aka the moominbeach, I love hanging around The Planet Ann Arbor in the summer too. Last Saturday we were at the moominbeach and I was counting down the days until we had to return to Trollandia, not wanting to return to our Trollandia home and encouraging myself to “live in the moment”. And now we have been here in Trollandia for five days and I love it here too. We are very fortunate in life and that is as far as I will go with that tonight. Also, KNOCK ON WOOD!

I did the usual Saturday Landfill chores plus some desperately needed dusting and de-cluttering and then we headed on down to the Griz for lunch. Our fave gal Janel was not there today so Tammy (who hired our gal) took care of us instead. Sitting at the bar, we always get a bit of the view of life behind the scenes and today there was a guy with a dog at a table outside that seemed to be driving our friends crazy. I heard a dog barking but there were multiple dogs out there so not sure who it was or even if the barking dog belonged to the problem customer. I don’t enjoy al fresco dining all that much, at least not Planet Ann Arbor style where, in most cases, you are sitting in a narrow space on the sidewalk between vee-hickular and pedestrian traffic.

We finished lunch just in time to catch the 31 for a quick ride out to the Plum Market. Today’s ride was lively. A bunch of fun folks were behind us, one of them doing what I can only describe as a very slow rap about the people getting on and off the bus. Until *he* got off the bus, at the homeless shelter, with a whole bunch of other folks. A couple stops later, our neighborhood friend Carless-by-choice Kathy got on. We got off at the same stop as her so we chattered away until we got to the intersection, where we split off to the Plum Market. Then home and I finished a not-very-satisfying book while The Master of the Universe napped. I’ll do a book blahg soon but have to clarify that today’s book was *not* “The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane”, which I *loved* (and might still be showing up on goodreads). But. Book blahg later. (Er, not that I am a reputable book critic in any way, shape, or form!)

I had to get a pic of Mr. Miller there on our way downtown (through Miller Woods) before he succumbs to further deterioration and becomes unrecognizable. Just a few years ago he was healthy enough to grow huge fungal eyebrows.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    We all know what we like in books, and I enjoy reading others’ critiques, even though I may have a different opinion. I feel very fortunate in where I live too, especially in summer!!