Nature and Beer

Our Mouse cooked up a little adventure for us today, an early morning hike down at Crosswinds Marsh. We have known about Crosswinds Marsh for years but have never ventured down there to check out the trails. Mouse discovered it recently and served as a great guide.

Here are some photoooos, lightly captioned. First, wild roses with pollinator.

And a water lily flower. When we got to the marsh, none of the flowers were open. Later in the morning, they were everywhere.

Mouse taking a pic of a snake. (She has a couple of BEAUTIFUL pics of the snake. I wasn’t that patient.) And this is a garter snake, which is not poisonous or dangerous in any way. Our state has only one rattler and it is VERY RARELY SEEN!

I liked this pic because of the colors, blue and green.

As you can see, Crosswinds is not all that far from civilization. I could hear buzzing when I took this pic. Not sure if it was waaaaars or flies but suspect a bit of both. Also many jets overhead, flying out of Metro to the north of us.

And then we switched over to beer.

This beer is 27 ounces! Our waitress at the Sidetrack Saloon strong-armed the GG into ordering this thing! Seriously, she was a great waitress and a whole lot of fun.

Oh yeah, a train went by. Fast!

And then there were the after effects. I dunno why but my phone would NOT focus for this pic but I’m sure @tmotu is happy about that.

I suppose it (phone) was just emulating its owner, who did not take a nap but had a HUGE Sinking Spell in the back yard. I think I said something about how I was gonna sit in the backyard and read all afternoon but I didn’t really mean it. But in the end, that is exactly what I did. I did FINALLY, at about 4:30, manage to muster enough energy to walk over to the Plum.

One Response to “Nature and Beer”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That beer is TWO beers-is that why he was napping? The sky is so blue, and the weather looks beautiful. It is gorgeous here too! Sunny and 80!