Surprise swan update

So, last I wrote about this, Mooma Swan and her cygnets were reunited and relocated to a private pond near Swan Corners but not directly adjacent to any roads, meaning mooma and cygnets couldn’t swim to the edge of the pond and climb out directly onto the narrow shoulder (or even hang out in the middle of the road). Someone in the Swanfriends facebook group predicted that maybe a few weeks from now when Mooma was finished with the molting process, they would make their way back to Swan Corners.

Well, Mooma is still molting but they returned to Swan Corners over the weekend. Apparently Mooma waddled from the private pond, herding her cygnets. She cannot fly yet and I do not think the cygnets have fledged. Swanfriends folks are of two minds about this, glad to see their swans again while worried about their safety. These swans are trumpeter swans, not mute swans, so they are not the invasive species. @tmotu was cross-examining me about that yesterday and although I do not knooooowwww for a fact, the Swanfriends folk, who have been in contact with wildlife rehabbers and the DNR, etc., refer to them as trumpeters. I choose to believe, via the reputation of the groups involved, that this is not fake news.

The swans in the pic are not at Swan Corners. We saw them at Crosswinds Marsh yesterday. I do not know anything about this group of swans. It wasn’t close enough to figure out whether this was a family group – mooma and dad and almost grown-up cygnets, or just a random group of swans. I do not know enough about swan behavior to have a clue.

Sorry about the crappy iPhone photoooo. I will reiterate that a number of years ago, I decided I was tired of schlepping more than one camera around. I opted to embrace iPhoneography. The iPhone has a pretty darn good camera that can do some really cool things although most of *my* best photos result from taking a billion pics and finding that a few of them are good. This one is not so much but it does document a part of our beautiful hike at Crosswinds yesterday. BTW, I am not apologizing, just explaining. I love iPhoneography but I appreciate those who choose to use other cameras too.

One Response to “Surprise swan update”

  1. Margaret Says:

    After telling myself that I would not use my iPhone as a camera, that’s exactly what has happened. (as you predicted, I think!) 🙂 I do carry an actual camera when it’s a special occasion or a trip, but under normal circumstances, it’s the phone, which does take decent pictures these days. Hope the swans will be OK there!! I love swans.