You’ve heard of the “love train” but I bet you’ve never seen a Fish Train 👀

Other than that, probably “Being a crabby b*tch is part of my charm” is the theme of the day.

So there was the work meeting during which I channeled the LSCHP, who is vacaying or whatever this week. Wherever is, he is not around to sit on people and I couldn’t get in to his office to retrieve his battle axe. (Note to self: obtain nerf battle axe. Soon!)

And then… … … It is in the upper 80s today. That’s okay. I can deal with those temps just fine. Except that when I faaarrred up the Ninja after work and turned on the A/C to the MAX setting, HOT AIR blew out at me. HOT AIR blew out at me for 1.5 miles. Just as I was getting onto the ramp to the I94 18-wheel Slogway, I felt a wee bit of cool. It worked the rest of the way home but I feel a failure mode coming on. I will be in the yooperland for a few weeks coming up and I do not want to be stuck in the yooperland with broken A/C since there is no Honda dealer on the American side and I do not particularly want to run the gauntlet into Cananananada. Better to get it done at Howard Cooper Germain down here on The Planet and be done with it.

But then…

<polly-tickle-rant-read-if-you-dare>Please please please stop with the Hillary Clinton stuff (you know who you are). My dislike of Trump and his entourage has nothing to do with the fact that Hillary lost the election except well, if she HADN’T lost the election I wouldn’t have to think about Trump (and his entourage). But GET REAL! Yes, I voted for Hillary. I SUPPORTED Hillary. I supported Hillary so I could get some swag to counteract the Trump swag that a certain Prankster (you know who you are) stuck onto the Lyme Lounge (no the GG was not the prankster). Did I think that Hillary was the best candidate for president? No, I did not. I voted for her because I thought she was the only candidate who could beat Trump. The election has been over for months now and although I lament that Mr. Trump won, I do not lament Hillary’s loss. SO STOP TRYING TO TELL ME IT’S ALL ABOUT HILLARY. THAT IS NOT TRUE. I will not fall for that sh*t and I do not want to hear about it again. GOT IT? Okay.</polly-tickle-rant-read-if-you-dare>

Seriously, I would prefer Mickey Mouse in the White House to who is in there now.

But let’s chill a bit with The O’Jays and Love Train, since I don’t think it would be all that comfortable to ride in a fish train.

Don’t worry. It’s all good. Just had to let off a bit of steam! I will survive the Trumpian Bombasty albeit with permanently rolled eyes and clenched teeth.

One Response to “You’ve heard of the “love train” but I bet you’ve never seen a Fish Train 👀”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I would prefer Mickey or Minnie Mouse to who is in the WH now. I would prefer my cat, who is stupid, but doesn’t embarrass herself being so.