Shorter and sweeter? Oh not so much but it ended well

One of those mornings. Storms rolled through again around the time I normally get up and walk. As it turned out, I could’ve done my usual walk but I didn’t know that when I looked at the weather report so I did my usual morning chores instead… And found that the dishwasher did not adequately dispense its pellet of soap and so the dishes were not clean. I think this was operator error (don’t ask) and I ran it again this morning and everything was okay when I got home this afternoon, except that I had to unload the dern dishwasher plus deal with a bunch of other dishioshios.

My journey home was a bit longer than usual (but not that much so I was surprised that the GG noticed it). Before I left work, I checked the I94 18-Wheel Clogway and it was Orange going my way so I took the back surface roads. That was all fine and the traffic was light although I think I think I dodged a bullet on N. Maple, which was where all of the cops and eventually an ambulance headed to an accident. I got through the Dexter/Maple intersection just after the cops got there and before the ambulance, although I could see the ambulance in my rear view mirror as I (whew) turned off N. Maple onto my little neighborhood street.

The Pensioner tried to diagnose the Ninja’s A/C problem with his Zombie Detector. He went on to buy a cheep auto parts type store “kit” to “recharge” the A/C or whatever. I was skeptical. I thought this would end up being an expensive A/C repair and, since we now have an appointment over at the Honda dealer tomorrow, I expect it will be. It’s okay. It is a 9-year-old vee-hickle and we have had zero (knock on wood) problems with it ever.

Just to note that the GG is not an idiot when it comes to automotive vee-hickles. He put himself through college working summers at the Hamtramck assembly plant. I have known him to take a car apart and put it back together. I am glad he didn’t try to do that tonight.

One Response to “Shorter and sweeter? Oh not so much but it ended well”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Cars are much more complex than they used to be. The electronics! I am paying over $700 to get my starter replaced which I’m sure the GG could do. The problem is that I can’t! Dayum.