Replacement porterization

The last couple of times we have met for dinner down at the Oscar Tango, we have expected to spend a nice, quiet un-porterized evening. And both of those times, we were startled to look up and see team porter standing right next to our table! Tonight we knew for certain that Marquette was porterized and Paulding will be porterized soon enough. Look out Paulding!

Wouldn’t you know it, we ended up having dinner with some old Haisley Mafia friends, parents of one of Mouse’s BFFs (Lairi the Rake), who *randomly* showed up at the OT. There’s no way to “-ize” their name in any way that would not make it recognizable. Let’s just say that it was a welcome surprise. We’ve been teasing each other about getting together at Knight’s for a while now and that never happens because we are out of town or they are out of town, yada yada yada. Lots of fun, especially when the whole Civic Theatre table sang a round of la Marseillaise. They hit some rough spots where most people (including the GG who was trying to sing along) sorta hummed the words but that made it all the better.

The old car show that I thought was happening last weekend actually happened this weekend. I have seen enough old car shows in my life (not to mention old airplane shows) to last me forever and I was ready to go home. The GG of course wanted to walk through the show. Fortunately I was saved when we ran into one of *Lizard Breath’s* BFF’s parents (Shuggy), who were about to walk back to their house, which is around the corner from ours. We decided to walk together. It sure made the long slog up the “hill” seem shorter.

Not even to mention that we had breakfast with npJane, her nephew (my 1st cousin once removed), and his lovely GF. So it has been a more social day than usual around here. And oh yes, Howard Cooper Germain Honda decided that my cute li’l Ninja did NOT need a new A/C compressor. It just needed to be re-a-charged. Or something. I don’t quite understand it all. I just hope it is fixed. Some people around here are trying to gaslight me into thinking that the hot air blowing into my face with the A/C turned to MAX was a normal phenomenon but I am a Strong Blonde Woman and CANNOT be intimidated!

P.S. The Engineer’s fav-o-rite riddle when he was a little boy: “Why do bees hum?” “Because they don’t know the words.”

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  1. Margaret Says:

    No, hot air is not a/c. 🙂 Were they singing La Marseillaise in French? Wow, I’m impressed. I can sort of do it, but I’m a French teacher, retired. Never been a fan of car shows, but I did enjoy going to a car museum with Henry. Once was definitely enough though.