The GG found this little abandoned nest in the street on our walk downtown to the Grizzly Peak for lunch. Again, our fave bar gal Janel was not there but Katie took good care of us. I was kind of concerned when the GG walked in to the Griz and put the bird nest right on the bar that it might not be an appropriate place to put organic material, but Katie and everyone else was excited about it so I guess it was okay.

On the way downtown, a cute little catsy was walking up the street toward us proud as punch about the dead chipmunk in its mouth. Someone got a wonderful “gift” today.

I am savoring this beautiful midsummer weekend on The Planet Ann Arbor. We will decamp to the Yooperland next Saturday for a few weeks. As much as I want to go north, I will miss our beautiful Garden Planet Ann Arbor.

One Response to “Wildlife”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Animules are entertaining! I went for a walk with a back pack and left it on the floor when I returned. I left for a while, and when I came back, Mari had made a bed out of it. 🙂