Penultimate big *ss

I had been mulling over the idea of walking over to HOMES for some mid-afternoon Sunday decadence but I bagged it.

Today was a day of pickety little chores instead. Lemme see…

Going through the refrigerator and freezer and cupboards and getting rid of anything that was past date or I couldn’t remember what it was (freezer) or had a moth in it. I found one moth. I had a couple boxes of lasagne noodles hanging around. Each of them had 2-3 noodles in it. One of them had a moth. I dumped the contents of both in the compost, recycled the boxes, and MOVED ON! I dumped a couple of unlabeled baggies of tomato-based “sauce” from the freezer. It was homemade sauce and I *think* it was BBQ sauce but I could not tell you for sure. It’s been in there for eons. Down the garbage disposal and MOVE ON!

I was ruthless about throwing old food out. When I get back from the yooperland, I do NOT want to have a SMELL! Two years ago, there was a SMELL! There was moldy old coffee in the coffee maker underneath the cupboard and I thought it was that at first. I got rid of the coffee and cleaned the coffee-maker within an inch of its life. The SMELL persisted. Eventually… I figured out that a box of chicken broth in the cupboard had LEAKED! What a mess! The GG ended up SANDING the cupboard shelf to try to get rid of the SMELL. It is long gone now. I do NOT want a mess ANYWHERE when I get back from the yooperland.

And then I sorted various baggies and other containers of coins. Yes coins. I was after quarters. I think I came up with enough quarters to do at least one load of laundry at the Lockview Up North laundromat in Sault Ste. Siberia. Look out Siberia. Yer fav-o-rite washerwoman is about to take over! I cannot believe how many strands of hair (mine, I think) I pulled out of all those baggies/containers of coins. Yuck!

Well, and then, there was the big *ss fan prodject. I did not know that we needed (wanted?) a ceiling fan in the back room. I was dragged out to Lowe’s against my will yesterday to look at fans. This was probably a good thing because there are soooo many rococo fans out there with fancy lamps and gewgaws and whatever. But do you know how hard it is to pick out a fan when you have to look up at the ceiling to do it? They had a dizzying array of fans up there and then just try to find a box that contains the fan you’ve chosen. Oy.

I was able to pick out a relatively PLAIN, non-rococo fan, without lots of decoration or a light (or lights). And then I was ready to go. Except OF COURSE we had to go through the lucky-shuckial aisle to look for oh, I dunno, cables and crap. I HATE looking at the lucky-shuckial stuff.

In the end, the fan project was cool. Any prodject that keeps The Pensioner busy and out of his wife’s hair is a good one. And now our Mouse is here for what seems to be turning in to a trend. Sunday Chicken on the grill.

One Response to “Penultimate big *ss”

  1. Margaret Says:

    What a lovely tradition! I need to do exactly what you just did because I rarely cook, so much of the stuff is out of date. (nothing that would probably smell though) I dead headed my big rhody, which was quite a chore and involved a ladder, not my favorite place to be.