On the edge of the art fair

No I did not go to the art fair. Not exactly, that is. I walked downtown to the Oscar Tango, which is on the edge of the art fair. I do that just about every Friday night that we’re on The Planet Ann Arbor though, no matter what is going on downtown. The GG gets down there early and gets a seat so we don’t have to scramble for one. He was down there at something like 4:00 this afternoon, which was probably waaaaay earlier than he needed to be there but he was reading some Russion (Russion? Okay, you know I meant to type Russian, roight? Note that I do NOT mind when people correct my spelling 🐽!) revolution book or whatever so he was fine. Anyway, I walked downtown in 86 degrees (which is really not all that bad) and when I got there, the seats across the booth from us were reclaimed in the cause of global porterization. Last week, some long time Haisley Mafia friends usurped those seats. If you want to lollygag around in the yooperland, you might lose your seat, roight? 🙃

We took the bus home. I don’t want to blast outta here at 0-skunk-30 tomorrow but I wanta be out prob’ly between 7 and 8 so I wanted to conserve a bit of energy. We took the 32-whatever. We didn’t ride it all the way out to Skyline and the park-and-ride. We got off somewhere on Miller and cut through the neighborhood and schoolyard to get home. To get to the bus, we had to traverse a block or so of the art fair. I did not look at one single booth. My single-minded goal was to get to the bus and we made it with minutes to spare and we are home and poised for northward travel tomorrow.

Sitting out in the back yard for a bit, enjoying this last summertime night (for a while) on The Planet Ann Arbor.

G’night again, KW

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  1. l4827 Says:

    Have fun in the UP & with the NCT (North country Trail Hiawatha chapter) meeting in Marquette.

    Seat reclamation complete.