Watching the Bob and Bill show…

Driving tandem (aka two vee-hickles on the freeway) can be comforting but it can also be difficult. It was the worst south of West Branch with construction and low visibility due to rain. I was going the speed limit (60 for the construction) and was totally annoyed that people were passing me at 70 or whatever. We got to Houghton Lake and The Beautiful Gay made breakfast, which we *neeeeeeeded*.

And then the Twinz of Terror pulled everything out of the garage, got rid of *some* of it, power-washed some of it and put the rest back in. Most of us watched.

The Twinz of Terror did not get rid of any of the gas cans.

They hauled out one of the old refrigerators from the original Cfam cabin.

Here it is out by the road waiting for a new owner.

All of the years I visited the moldy old cabin, this sticker was on the little refrigerator. (There were two.)

At the end of the day, we made a trip across the lake on the Pontoon Bote…

…to the grocery store.

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