Mostly when I am telecommuting, I only use the green screen thingy for work. The “blue” screen is on my personal laptop computer. The background photo is from the Ruby Falls cave in Chattanooga TN back in April 2015 when we were heading back up north from Fla. But I can do both Windows and Mac. An operating system is an operating system is an operating system. I have Windows “moments” but I sometimes have Mac “moments” too.

So when I was done working today and ready to sign off for the next two weeks, I sat down on the beach and finished Authority. And then I checked Twitter and, jeebus. Wut? Priebus is faaaaared quit. Somebody else is in. I haven’t processed that yet. Scaramooch’s wife is *divorcing* him over his support for Trump. I wouldn’t divorce the GG over his support for one candidate or another but the GG is more likely to spend his time and energy out in the back woods and not taking a scummy job in Washington.

To Moochie’s wife: You go girl.

One Response to “Ambidextrous”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Every time I turn around, it’s a soap opera in Washington. Crazier than I ever dreamed of! I have an iPhone but haven’t done Macs for years, since they went Windows in school. Ashley does have a new Apple computer and an iPad. I blame boyfriends.