Aqualung Aquabug

I was lazy today compared to some of my relatives here at the moominbeach. I did not do a whole heckuva lot of cleaning today. I dunno, since I have been the only person here all week, there isn’t a whole heckuva lot of cleaning to do, not that we don’t need a deep clean here. I went to Meijer for a few grokkeries, and the recycle center, and then I indulged myself and bought a half sandwich and cup of gumbo at Penny’s Kitchen. Take out. I have been alone here subsisting on leftovers all week and that was all fine but I was ready for something a little different.

One of the things that I DID do was run over one of our pots of impatiens when I was backing out this morning. Jeebus. I wasn’t happy about how I had parked the Ninja two days ago and kept thinking that I needed to reposition it but never got around to it. Today, I was backing out and, well, I’m not sure what I exactly did but Pooh came out to help mitigate the situation and egg is all over my face.

I spent a lot of time down on Bill’s Beach Bank Bench this afternoon. I was reading my current book, “Acceptance”, the third in Jeff Vandermeers’s Area X trilogy. It was a beautiful day.

What marred the day was that our beach community friend Barb died early this morning. Her death isn’t all that tragic. She has been in hospice care for many months now. But we will miss her. She was the adoptive mother of fraternal twins, who were friends of mine and my brother, boy and girl. Her daughter died quite a while back, her son is still alive.

A few memories of Barb… She is the first person who taught me how to swim, when I was four or five. When I got into my first and only auto accident ever, she commiserated with me that she was worried that she would have one too (it was an ice-related accident), and, much much later, when The Commander was in the hoosegow, Barb and I had lunch and whine at Karl’s. I don’t remember who paid but I hope it was meeeee. Such a wonderful person. One of the moominbeach mooms who never turned down a request to watch us kids when we wanted to swim, even if she had to wear a winter jacket to sit on the beach.

Godspeed Barbara. We will miss you!

One Response to “Aqualung Aquabug”

  1. Aimee Says:

    Thanks for letting us know about Barb. I can picture her warm, ready smile.
    Love your memories and kind words.
    I’m thinking there might be some warm welcome from her “late” beach buddies going on too!