She calls herself Garbage Woman, so….

So I had a sloooowww coffee down on Bill’s Birch Point Beach Bank Bench this morning.

So I was here at the moomincabin ALONE for almost a week. It was okay because I am very self-sufficient in general and I was telecommuting all last week but I was a bit lonely and I am ready for some field trips now. After my slooooooowww coffee this morning, I spent the morning de-sanding and de-pine-needling the moomcabin. And then I spent most of the afternoon on the beach.

I love that my rather extreme recycling habits have rubbed off on the GG. I am so glad that he brought a big garbage bag of dirty bottles of various sorts (some returnable, some recyclable) from his North Country Trail boondoggle. It’s okay. I will process them, a sink full at a time. Here is the second sink full.

What I can’t figger out is why anyone thinks that chicken bones are acceptable at any recycle center. I found these in the big bag of bottles and things.

It’s okay. I am laughing about the chicken bones. Laundromat (for me) and road work (for others) tomorrow.

One Response to “She calls herself Garbage Woman, so….”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It sounds like you are keeping (mostly) busy and doing worthwhile things. I need to figure out more of a schedule for myself. 🙂