Nothing to see here

Let’s just say that last evening was very weird and leave it at that, okay? Really not blahggable but all is well. It was a dead margarita, not a salty dawg, and no one seems to know how the cigars got on the side of the tub but I have a suspect in mind.

Yesterday was actually a pretty fun day. We jammed five adults into the Ninja and drove up to Iroquois to watch the start of the biennial Trans Superior sailboat race. It is almost impossible to photograph the sailboats with the otherwise lovely iPhone camera so I’m posting this pic of Lizard Breath taking pictures of waves instead.

From there, we dropped a Green Bag off at the garbage collection center on the res, across from the casino. If you ask me, the Green Bag system is the best (and probably the cheapest) garbage collection option in the area, at least for those of us who are only here in the summer.

I’m remembering my parents futzing around, arguing and turning the air blue while wrestling their blue bags into garbage cans and driving them up to the top of the two-track so Waste Management could pick them up. After The Commander died, I wasn’t sure what to do with garbage. I couldn’t schlep *all* of it all the way back to the Planet Ann Arbor. I wasn’t sure what Waste Management’s payment schedule was but it didn’t seem logical to pay them for a whole summer (for example), if we were only going to be here for a few weeks at a time.

The Green Bag system turned out to be perfect for us. We buy the Green Bags at the Baymart gas station in Brimley ($1.50 a bag) and then we can dump them at the res Tuesday through Saturday from 10 AM to 6 PM. I still end up taking a bit of garbage back home but that’s a non-issue.

So we did that and then we had a late lunch/snack at Pickle’s and then we bought some *more* Green Bags and then we came back to the cabin and slugged around on the beach and other typical activities.

This may be a two-fer day or it may not. People are trying to get me to go down to the beach and I think I will take them up on that. Seeya later (or not). –KW

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I blog most stuff, but am somewhat limited by a few people and relatives who do read my blather. 😉