Dishwasher woman

We had a wonderful weekend with two of the beach urchins here as well as Teriana (aka my beloved MacMu cousin and her daughter). This was a weekend that The Commander would have loved! One where people hung out talking each others ears off or silently reading books or social media or whatever on whatever devices they were using, including paper. Cooking? Everyone was involved at whatever level they happened to be up to at any given time. I LOVE being able to say to Mouse or Liz or Teri or Ana or whoever something like, “I’ll just get outta your way and let you do your thing”. I do like to sneak around and do the dishioshios. That’s kind of how I roll. It doesn’t in any way mean that I don’t trust anyone else to do the dishes. It doesn’t mean that there aren’t days when I would rather do ANYTHING than wash the dishes. But on a usual day, I love to keep ahead of the dishes and that means grabbing whatever dishes I can and washing them. All day long. It is so nice not to have a sink/counter full of dirty dishes at the end of the day.

We know that Liz is safely home. We haven’t heard from Teriana but I’m sure they are okay too. The day people leave is always hard for me. I never want to ask people “whenerya gonna leave”. I want them to stay. But I know that they have to leave and so it is hard… We are all learning, me included. I hung out on the beach (mostly) while Teriana and then Liz packed up to leave. I know that it is easier for the folks leaving to not have meeeee haaannngggging around. It is when people are asking you what you might be forgetting that you lose your packing focus and FORGET THINGS! Teriana always forget something *anyway* and this time it is a pair of socks, which will be washed and sent downstate.

We all did our best to avoid long goodbyes. Lizard was parked out back behind the garage and she told us in no uncertain terms that she did NOT want us to follow her out there for prolonged goodbyes and neither did I.

Mouse cooked blueberry pancakes this morning (and bacon in the oven) and I soooooo wanted to take my coffee down on the beach. I tried. I suited up for 52-degree weather, including smartwool socks and polartech jacket and a small blanket. I hung out there as long as I could. It was beautiful but it was not warm and I eventually headed back up to the Mother Ship to get warm and eat breakfast and talk with folks and wash dishes.

Good night. -Kayak Woman

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I don’t like a pile of dishes and like to keep up with them, so I get it! Right now 52 sounds delightful, but that’s just because I’m sick of 90+smog.