They told us it would be a Beach Day…

Well, aside from the fact that EVERY DAY IS A BEACH DAY, it wasn’t that much of a Beach Day. It held promise in the early morning when I delayed my trip to the laundromat just long enough to drink one cup of coffee down on Bill’s Birch Point Beach Bank Bench. It was beautiful in town as I did the laundry, dropped off a bunch of recycle, and got groceries at Meijer. It was beautiful while I put the laundry and groceries away and prepared a bunch of stuff to be cooked for dinner and while Mouse picked I dunno how many gallons of blueberries and then made corn chowder for lunch. Can I just say that we are having a bumper crop of blueberries here this year, right in front of the moomincabin and all down the beach, just above the bank. They grow wild here and this is a good year.

The GG embarked on another prodject today, one long talked about but not undertaken until now. He has been repainting our deck. It isn’t finished yet (he ran out of paint) but I think it is looking loverly. I am so glad I married a guy who was able to endure *my* need to come up here to this rustic cabin in the yooperland. A guy who could get along with his parents-in-law (and other Fin relatives), not always an easy thing to do in life but my parents worked very hard to try to make sure their childrens’ spouses felt welcome here. The Commander was an out-law to begin with and she may have remembered her own early days with the family she grew to become an integral part of. She eventually became one of the matriarchs of the beach, even with her beginnings as an out-law. In the end, I remember when the GG and his twin brother took her out to a sumptuous dinner on her 90th birthday. “Those boys just spend money left and right.” Roight. They did *that* night! 🙂

I am waaaaaay off the track here but here is the GG working on the deck with a lot of deck detritus moved over where it doesn’t usually live.

So, beach day? Whaaaa? Mouse and I went down to the beach this afternoon and for a while we were sitting down in the sand and it was kinda warm but then I moved up on to the bank and it was still kinda warm and then, well… It is a warm day but there is a persistent northwest wind and I went up to get my polartech jacket.

Finally, here is Mouse hauling a bunch of knapweed back from down the beach somewhere. This is an invasive species and we are trying to eradicate it. The pic kind of makes it look like she has harvested food from somewhere and we are going to eat it. Not so much.

4 Responses to “They told us it would be a Beach Day…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It is cool when spouses fit seamlessly into the family. Mine didn’t so much because he wasn’t much of a people person. My mom made him nervous because she never stopped talking. He was much more comfortable with my dad and brother.

  2. Sam Says:

    If it were edible, would it be snack-weed?

  3. Aimee Says:

    Bumper crop of blueberries? Remember raw berry pie.
    And grandberry’s smile when asked where he picked those big coffee cans full of berries.
    Side by side with you in spirit while you pick!

  4. jane Says:

    Mouse was ‘bringing in the sheaves’. although I have no idea what sheaves are…