I don’t know why I asked the GG what he was doing. I knew the answer was “organizing rope”. Winds were out of the south all day today, meaning it was possible to SAFELY drive the Motor Bote out to the island and into the channel.

This morning, the GG and Mouse went out to greet the Lee Tregurtha going upbound and then scavenged this fishing net from near the island. They assumed that it had been abandoned. I hope so. The GG spent a lot of time today freeing the floats from the rope. Their second expotition was to place a “marker” over the “spoils”, not a place you would want to take a Motor Bote.

In between those two expotitions, rain hit the area. This was perfectly timed as it happened, because we took a trip to town to have lunch at Penny’s Kitchen and pick up the Frog Hopper with its brand spanking shiny new replacement ignition coil for cylinder 5. Being me, I am nervous that cylinders 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 might develop the same problem. And maybe they will but the GG has been looking online and he seems to have found that cylinder 5 has this problem much more frequently than the other cylinders. He thinks it is the location of that particular cylinder. I hope so.

But yes, Penny’s Kitchen. The lunch menu hasn’t changed that much but I think they do dinner now, at least a few nights a week. They have beer and whine! They have a limited selection but still. I may get a whine there one of these days but today I didn’t. Mouse ordered an Italian soda and I ordered iced tea.

The whole time we were in there today, I was remembering when we used to go to town to meet up with other folks from the Beach Community once a week at Penny’s Kitchen (was it Monday?). We went there other times too, like when I would eat there because it is a block away from War Memorial Hospital, where both of my parents were incarcerated for a while at the ends of their lives. I love Penny’s Kitchen but I got a bit tired of it in those days.

When we were done eating today, I announced that I was going to The Refrigerator. I was quoting The Commander and Radical Betty’s friend Cam even though I knew that Penny’s Kitchen had replaced their old bathrooms with nice warm 21st century facilities.

One Response to “Scavenging”

  1. Margaret Says:

    So many restaurants have icy cold bathrooms, even modern ones. Glad your car is fixed!