Thursday rain day

I am almost too tired to write anything tonight so bear with me. I hung out at the moomincabin all day while the people with blueberry picking DNA went out in the county to pick blueberries in the rain. I struggled with whether I wanted to go with them or not. I love driving around out in the county but I get bored picking blueberries. In the end I stayed behind. I picked away at some minor cleaning prodjects around the moomincabin but also spent a lot of time sitting on the deck reading in the rain.

Here is a pic from last evening’s Motor Bote ride over to the Birch Point range light and back. We did not run outta gas this time.

And here is Mouse with the blueberries she has picked since she has been here, most of them in our own front yard but some of them out in the county.

Mouse is wearing cheapo leggings from Meijer that I picked her up to wear on the beach. Meijer is a wondrous store but not where I have *ever* bought clothing other than a tutu for Froggy, so these are not really the right thing but I guess they are working out.

It is calm enough to take the Motor Bote out tonight but there are storms in the area and we see lightning off and on so best to stay on shore. Wish I could get a pic but it’s a big sky and one never knows when/where lightning will strike next.

G’night. KW (yawn)

One Response to “Thursday rain day”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I like picking blueberries, but I did it every summer when I was young, so that’s probably why. 🙂 We need some rain!!