Twitter play

Mouse (at noon today): Are we going out to lunch?

Kayak Woman: Yes.

The GG (a few minutes later): Do you want to take a couple of beers over to the Porter’s in the Motor Bote?

KW: ???

Last night, we had talked about going to Pickles for lunch, so Mouse and I were sorta puzzled about that. Some of us remembered that and some of us did not. In the end, we went to Pickle’s for lunch. The host said to sit wherever we wanted and we were heading out toward the outdoor seating and wouldn’t you know it, there was the Grinchie. Of course we joined his table. So much fun!

Later, our friends of porterization came over here for cocktail hour. My cousin Pooh had already come over and we had an hour or so where cacophony reigned with people talking each others ears off (which is supposed to happen during cocktail hour).

Rain today? Yes? We had TONS of rain. I love a warm rain and we had a lovely time sitting in it out on the deck this afternoon and evening.

I am rambling aimlessly tonight. Good night.

One Response to “Twitter play”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Sounds randomly fun! We finally got a bit of much needed rain. Now we need clear skies and sun, but not 90+ degrees. I’m picky, eh?