60 years ago

My brother was born. I have heard the story more than a few times but all I really remember is that Radical Betty picked me up and took me and Aimee to the Pink Poodle drive-in and then out to the cabin. We were all living in the Old Cabin in those days although I think I spent some time over at Don and Katie’s too. I remember sitting in the Old Cabin demanding a “four-year-old straight pickle”. I also remember my parents coming to Don and Katie’s cabin *without* the baby brother I was expecting. It turned out that he was sick, and they weren’t sure he was going to live. Fortunately, he did live although he died way too young, but not until after he fathered two daughters.

So, after I schlepped into Sault Ste. Siberia to pick up a gas cap the GG had ordered at R&R Marine and after Mouse and I dumped off two green bags of garbage at the res and bought some sweet grass soap at the Dancing Crane, we walked the nature trail named after my brother.

Here’s an Indian Pipe that I managed to get a halfway decent picture of.

And here is Mouse going up the steps.

Bucky Beaver has been busy.

This is an established trail nowadays but way back when, I used to walk out in this area with my dad. There were some old trails and some logging roads but at a certain point, we headed straight into the woods onto deer trails. My dad always knew where to go.

After we got home, I felt a little bit of a prick and of course I thought “TICK!” I did not pick up a tick (yick) but I decided to take a shower just to make sure there were no arachnids on my body.

After all of that, my Mouse and I spent the afternoon on the beach. We drank a beer (or two) and then I tinked around with packing while my Mouse took a sweet little nap on her beach towel. The wind was blowing out of the northwest (again!) but we were comfortable and warm.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Beautiful pictures. As you know I share your brother’s birthday, although I am one year older.