I went to a high priority defect meeting this afternoon and when I got out of that meeting Bannon was gone

Yeah, that Bannon and yes we do check news and twitter and Facebook and whatever during our workday although we *rarely* talk pollyticks. I was not the first to discover that Bannon was gone. GoGrannyGo got a news notification from somewhere. I don’t have a whole lot to say about this. Bannon was my second least fave person on Trump’s “team” or whatever it is, topped only by Kellyanne (you know her last name). But who knows what he’ll do next. At any rate it was even a slower Friday than most and I cannot believe how much time people spent hanging out in the “hallway” next to my cube kibitzing about pollyticks and whatever else. Even the Benevolent Despot was in on it today. And then I snuck out a wee bit early and he yelled my name! Oops. Except that he had only managed to lock himself out and needed someone (me) to let him back in the building. He couldn’t have cared less when I was leaving. It was just my Work Ethic kicking me in the you-know-what again.

REM dreams often plague me. Last night (aka early this morning) I dreamed that one of my beautiful, elegant Amazon beach urchins had taken up smoking *cigarettes*. Doesn’t matter which one and I won’t describe the dream too much further except that I was screaming bloody murder at her about it. The whole thing unnerved me enough that I was relieved when I texted her to tell her about the dream and she assured me that she was *not* smoking cigarettes. I *knew* that. It was just a very weird dream. And then I felt like I was starting to kext so I texted a last 🐸💜 type thing (I love you and we can be done with this thread because we both have to work) and went on with my day.

Cigarettes… My first two boyfriends both smoked them. I never really thought that much about it. My parents did *not* smoke them. Oh, dad smoked cigars sometimes and I have *very* early memories of mom messing with a cigarette at a bridge party or whatever but it was *never* a habit for her in any way shape or form. But plenty of friends’ parents smoked them and a few relatives and it just wasn’t a big thing back in those days. We would find cigarette butts on the moominbeach and incorporate them into whatever structures we built from sand if we wanted to. It has been eons since I’ve seen a cigarette butt in the sand.

Back when I first worked at That Darn EPA, my childhood boss Byron smoked cigarettes right there in his office. I never really thought that much about it.

Me? I have never been a smoker. There was a short period in my early 20s when a friend and I played at cigarettes when we were bored at bars. Back in those days it still actually (believe it or not) seemed like it might look “cool” to sit and smoke a cigarette. Fortunately for me I never did manage to get happy with inhaling smoke, or even figure out how to do it, so it never turned into a habit for me.

Of course, nowadays, smoking cigarettes is pretty much taboo everywhere except in your own dwelling space or car. There are a few people at work that take a smoke break OUTSIDE THE BUILDING but not many and boy oh boy can I smell it when I happen to come in or out when they are smoking.

I have long loathed the idea of smoking cigarettes but I cannot get to the point of condemning those who do. My children had a few loving relatives who enjoyed cigarettes and I can remember having to do a wee bit of deprogramming at one point when I felt that the lessons they were learning at school were a bit too judgmental about people who smoked. Smoking may be a bad and dangerous habit but smoking does not make someone a bad person.

Good night, love you all, KW

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  1. Margaret Says:

    No, smoking is a bad habit(addiction) like many others, but a very powerful one. The people in its grip are mostly very good people. I’ve never been a smoker myself, but my dad smoked for 20 years and my mom for 15 or so. They started young, but quit when the Surgeon General’s report came out.