Lucky-shuckial art

Is it bad when you are leaving your fave Saturday brewpub lunch place and you and the bartender are trying to figure out when you will next meet up? We haven’t seen Jennelle (intentionally misspelled) since sometime in June. There was a Girls Saturday in Daytwa where I went down to visit Liz and get some summer hair going. Then there were a couple weeks in the yooperland surrounding 4th of July. The next two Saturdays, we were here on the planet and we went to the Griz but Jenelle was not there. And then THREE weeks in the yooperland. Today. I’m not sure the GG really wanted to go downtown for a beer lunch but I did and I wanted Jenelle to know we were still alive and in her fan club. So yes, we went downtown and she was THERE!

As we were leaving we were all trying to figure out when we would connect again and I finally said something like, “We *will* be back!” Once we were outside, the GG said something like well of course she is cultivating her customers. I said something like well, yes, of course she is, but I do not think that it’s necessarily a bad thing to consider a bartender (or grocery store cashier or whoever) a friend. And then the GG remembered the time he and Mouse ran into Jenelle at another pub after they had taken a kayak trip on the river and… She. Bought. Their. Lunch. Friendness runs a continuum and Jenelle is somewhere on that continuum, whether or not she serves us beer/whine and lunch on Saturdays when we are in town and not too busy to walk down to the Griz.

The lucky-shuckial art? The GG has managed to trace all of the electrical connections in the moomincabin and chart them out by hand on a piece of paper. There are some things that need to be upgraded. I won’t say anything more because I am NOT a trained electrician. But “we” are going to start by grounding some things that are currently not grounded. Like when I was using my work laptop up there, I was sitting in a particular place and had it plugged in to a particular plug and when my arm grazed certain parts of my laptop, I felt a small current. Not dangerous but not good either.

When my parents built the place in 1960, we had very few electrical needs. Lights, stove, and refrigerator. That was about it. The place has grown *organically* since then and my parents did not do a whole lot to upgrade the electrical system. At least not that I know of. The GG probably has a better idea and he also replaced a lot of old outlets with modern ones, the outlets that support three-pronged plugs, etc. More work needs to be done though and this piece of art is a map toward that work.

P. S. I got FRESH lima beans at the farmers market today. Those are a rare commodity and I pounced upon them and bought three boxes! I know some people don’t like lima beans. I’m sorry 🙃

2 Responses to “Lucky-shuckial art”

  1. Sam Says:

    Some years ago I discovered that fresh limas far outshine the dry and canned/frozen ones of my childhood. I am not a huge fan, but fresh beans can be revelatory….

  2. Margaret Says:

    Sounds like a great project for the GG! I LOVE lima beans–yum!