Title anyone?

So, this was Canning Weekend for my Mouse. She likes to can tomatoes over here at the Landfill because the chitchen and Gretchen (the stove) are a wee bit bigger than the perfectly serviceable stuff at her house… and… she gets to spend time with meeeeeee… Last year I provided slave labor for this project. This year? I didn’t get all that involved. It was a gorgeous day here and I slugged around in the back yard reading a book while Mouse commandeered my kitchen. In a way, I think it was easier for her to just do the whole thing without “help”. She didn’t have to teach me (again, I would’ve needed remedial training) what to do and, without two work stations, the cleanup was easier. So here’s part of what got dropped off yesterday for this prodject.

And here is the prodject in its beginning stages.

And here is Mouse in the midst of canning. The photo almost looks like a 1950s ad for some kind of kitchen appliance…

It also looks a bit like this photo of The Commander cooking in our shabby little Superior Street bungalow up in Sault Ste. Siberia in the 1950s.

After the canning was done, we walked over to the neighborhood HOMES brewery for lunch. My niece’s cats (Simcoe and Citra) were featured on the beer list so of course I had to take a picture of it.

Mouse asked what the restroom at HOMES was like. I said it was modern (it is) and then after I came out of the restroom, I told her she would like it. This is what is on the wall.

Well, yes, but Mouse asked does the mens room have a deer with antlers? I kind of wanted to check that out but maybe not today.

Anyway, g’night from the Planet Ann Arbor Landfill back yard. Love y’all,

One Response to “Title anyone?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I would definitely check out the men’s room. 🙂 I would be curious. Love tomatoes, but don’t know how to can.