Eclipse glasses for sale, cheep!

Sorry, you can’t have these. As you might be able to tell, Froooggy has already absconded with them and incorporated them into his wardrobe. Sorry he doesn’t have much else on today. Hey Froooooggg, at least go get your tutu on.

I did not take photos of the eclipse. My chosen photographic tool is my iPhone and although I know some folks have used their iPhones to get some decent photos, I didn’t have the guzzinta today. The technology used at work ran the gamut from pinhole box to Go-Pro cam with welding filter to whatever the heck the Benevolent Despot was doing with his iPhone and a filter from a pair of eclipse glasses. I took this pic from inside the “lunchroom”. I kind of love that you can see a reflection of *my* iPhone on the left.

We were only at 80% or something like that here on The Planet Ann Arbor but it was still a good show. We had an ice cream social during all of this (which means that all of us nerds grab an ice cream treat and go outside or back to our cube, whatever). And then, our project (intentionally spelled CORRECTLY) manager scheduled a meeting for 2:30, just after peak. Whaaaa? There is a need for project managers but… This was the same person who was asking us if she could look at the sun through her sunglasses. Uh, no…

I was hoping it would get a little darker at peak but it didn’t but then… Just after peak things got a bit dark but it wasn’t from the eclipse. Does anyone else notice the cloud formation with the two “eyes”? Snake? If you saw this eclipse as an aborigine and then saw a snake-looking storm cloud approaching you, would you think the world was going to end? Anyway, around the time the ill-timed meeting began, the sun and moon were doing their thing behind clouds and we begrudgingly went to the meeting.

Being a pensioner, The Pensioner drove down to St. Louis to view the eclipse in totality. Here is a pic he took with his iPhone and his telescope (for which he has a solar filter). I don’t really understand how all this stuff works, so don’t ask.

Finally, here is TP with his telescope in somebody’s driveway somewhere in the St. Louis area. Here on the Planet Ann Arbor, Henry (or maybe his great-great-great-great-grandchild) is hopping happily around the back yard.

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