Emulating (or trying to) mouse-style iPhoneography

The photo I wish I had gotten was the one where the GG nosed the Frog Hopper down a wee two-track to the bank of the Muskegon River and WHOOOOOOAAAAHHHH! What was that? We (me, the GG, and his sister) all thought at first it was TWO bald eagles flying together. Right in front of us! Although we determined that there were two eagles in the area, we decided that what we actually saw was ONE bald eagle carrying prey.

Yesterday we were plotting and planning a Coffee Cruise in the Pontoon Bote this morning. That didn’t happen. It wasn’t really all that cold and the waves were not too big for the Bote but it was not beautiful and calm like yesterday afternoon. A Coffee Cruise requires calm seas and sunshine. So instead we took the Frog Hopper out for a slow cruise along the back roads by the Muskegon River, parking in various places to take a look (and in one place a cute little hike around a lake except we ran out of trail and had to turn around). We ended up at the Reedsburg Dam, which was our general destination in the first place. (Every time I write Reedsburg Dam, spellcheck flags Reedsburg and I have to google to make sure I am spelling it correctly.) I got this wee flower at the dam.

Back on the Planet Ann Arbor now. I saw orange on the I75 SUV Speedway between Standish and Bay City so I re-routed us down M13 for that stretch. I dunno if it was faster than the freeway today, it probably wasn’t, but it is more interesting and I enjoy taking secondary highways or even back roads if I have the time. And we did today.

We passed a lot of Dollar General stores on our trip south today. I noticed all of them but the GG was taking a nap for a while so he missed most of them. As we were driving through Kawkawlin, I spied a Dollar General on the right and I knew the GG was awake when he said, “Dollar General!” in the voice we used throughout our wonderful April trip to Florida.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I want to go on more hikes before the weather changes! I like backroads too. I’m not fond of the freeways, especially around here because they’re usually packed.