Don’t cry for me Argentina, Cajun Navy not needed here

After a day of on and off rain showers, the skies opened up and DUMPED at exactly the time I walked out the door at work. I decided not to take the freeway. I dodged a few puddles that looked like, well, not that they would float my vee-hickle, I was driving my cute little Ninja and thinking about hydroplaning or something. Even at 45 mph, that wouldn’t be fun. It was a slower slodge than usual but when I got home the rain had slowed up a lot and I came home to a house with electricity and NO standing water anywhere, not even in the dungeon. That’s about as far as I will go with the flooding in TX. We have all seen the pictures and read/heard the stories. I do love the huge number of private botes going out to rescue people trapped by Harvey. The Cajun Navy and other people with botes (like us, except that we aren’t in Tx). But that’s what this country is all about. People mobilizing whatever resources they have to help other people who need help.

Ironically, the only time the Landfill Dungeon got even a wee bit wet from a weather event was when Hurricane Ike reached a watery finger up to SE Michigan. I don’t think Ike did anywhere near the damage to Texas as Harvey is doing although I am sure there are plenty of folks who had to rebuild or relocate after that weather event.

So, we don’t have standing water in our house but we do have mus musculus. When I got home, the post-it note in the pic was on my closed MacBook Pro. There was only one bus mus drawing on it. The GG went out to the hardware store and I did some non-chitchen chores and when I was walking back to the chitchen, there was a weird dark thing on the floor. I thought it was a dead leaf but when I tentatively reached down toward it, nooooooooo, it scooted into the chitchen and under the refrigerator. I reported this to the GG when he came back from his hardware store errand (to buy more mouse traps) and his traps promptly caught two more.

We both have a hard time with killing mice but I do not want them running around in my chitchen, contaminating our food and under my feet and all of that.

Love y’all, KW

One Response to “Don’t cry for me Argentina, Cajun Navy not needed here”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Nope, no mice except the Mouse of the human sort. Others are not welcome. We are sweltering here a bit in 90 degrees, but I won’t complain.