Grammable Millennial Pink

Hurry up and wait. That is my job this week. My important prodjects are winding down but things keep randomly cropping up at odd times. There is never enough time between the cropping ups for me to focus on my back burner prodject, which is to write “the bible”. I love this kind of prodject but I know all too well what a morass it can be.

So I sneaked out a bit earlier than usual and was promptly stuck in yet another massive traffic jam. I will not even try to describe it.

If I get it right, a grammable location is a place where people “millennials” go to post photos on Instagram – selfies or not – maybe (but maybe not) in lieu of visiting local landmarks. You know, like the Statue of Liberty or Tahquamenon Falls or whatever. Now I have taken umpteen billion photos of Tahquamenon Falls and Instagrammed them, so I know Tahq is a grammable location even though it is definitely a landmark. Except for one problem, which is that most phones do not have service at Tahq. Even the Brewery doesn’t have wifi (that I know of, hmmmm). This is okay and I guess folks just gram their photos later when they have retreated to a place that has service, which would be a private cabin/motel with wifi or Paradise. The yooperland town, not the utopia.

I gram whatever I happen to gram. I use Instagram mainly to connect with family members who don’t often post Facebook stuff for various reasons and I post what I see and rarely go out of my way to find a grammable location.

First of all. Millennials? Are my children (born in the 1980s) millennials? When I began my “adult job” 10 years ago, one of my new co-workers often called meeeee a “token millennial”. It was because I had an iPhone and used social media, I guess. She lost her job a few years after that and I miss her (she was a long-time employee and I liked her and we took her out to lunch on that awful day). But I think that I am still there in part because I am able to adapt to new technology and look forward, although I can be choosy about what I adapt to.

I guess I could google whether or not my kids are millennials. I did and they are (arguably). I am a baby boomer (definitely). My children were drawn toward pink as small children. I do not think they are overly enamored about “millennial” pale pink but you never know.

Oh, BTW, my kids are female. They wore pink stuff and pretty dresses when they were children. They also wore pants and overalls when they were children. Nowadays, they rock both pants and skirts in any color they desire. I now wear skirts almost exclusively except when I am walking in the winter and need leggings. We all rock skirts when we wear them.

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