Tasty little morsel

Oh, not this forged artifact. I am posting the photo because the creator of the artifact posed for me. Almost immediately after taking the photo, I wished that I had gotten his face into the photo too. I wasn’t quick enough. I guess I did get his buddy back there sitting on his motorized scooter.

I am always a bit torn about whether to take photos at events like Black Iron Days and art/craft fairs in general. People are demonstrating their art or craft but they are also selling their wares. Do they want to be Instagrammed all over hell and gone? I’m not sure I would. But since everybody and his special friend from Zephron 3 now have cameras in their pockets, I guess a lot of people who exhibit and sell stuff at fairs are growing accustomed to having themselves and their work photographed. Sometimes there may even be a good reason to take a photo, like to send it to your spouse asking something like, “Is this what you wanted?”

I did not buy anything at Black Iron Days this year (except I did but it is a “secret”). A man who paints great lakes freighters in a style I love was there but I forced myself to walk by his booth without even taking a look. If I bought something, where would I put it? Not that The Landfill is overwhelmed with art, just that it isn’t well organized.

Hmmm… Where was I going with this? Oh yeah, it was that I was more interested in the wide variety of forges that the blacksmiths were using than what they were selling. I can only guess that there are commercially produced forges because the GG bought a lottery ticket to win one. Other people have devised their own forges. These folks are do-it-yourself people from the get-go so that isn’t surprising.

Moving on… Even though it was “hot” today (in the 70s), I am sitting in the back yard now and the sun is sinking toward the horizon on the other side of the Landfill so I am in the shade and I have put on a polar tech vest and a pair of smartwool socks on along with my tie-dyed t-shirt and long skirt. I really need a week of 85 degree days (I am not a fan of 90s) but I don’t think I’m gonna get that this summer. It may have happened here but if it did, I was up at the moomincabin. I did get it last April down in Crazy Old Florida. Was that my summer? Maybe but I still love the darned old Great Lake State, unpredictable weather and whatever.

With luck, we’ll get back to the tasty little morsel sometime this weekend 🐸

One Response to “Tasty little morsel”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m not a fan of 90s either and we’re getting some this week. I am over that! It’s been a hot summer. The evenings are getting fallishly cool though. It seems like most people like the exposure for their business or work, but I generally ask permission to take people’s pictures. Just in case.