Cocktail cruise

So I got up at my usual time (5:30 AM) this morning but instead of going to work, I scrambled a bunch of stuff into the Ninja and drove across town to Bugs & Horsey’s house, the other house, the real house where they live some of the days to quote a once-small Lizard Breath talking about her own grandma’s house. I picked up npJane there and we headed north. We talked the *entire* way and I felt lucky that I managed to not get distracted enough that we ended up in East Lansing or someplace. We caught up on family gossip and our own lives and our grandmother’s house in Sault Ste. Siberia. I usually like to drive but I handed the Ninja keys over to npJane at the rest area just below Gaylord and relaxed into my phone for a while, although we never stopped talking. npJane is my “baby cousin” so she is eight years younger than me but we seem to have received some similar DNA somehow because it feels like we can just about finish each others sentences sometimes.

We got off the freeway at Rudyard and took Tilson Road up to M28 and then Brimley, where we met the GG at Jack’s Grub and Pub. We needed to eat before we got to the beach.

We have not had a whole lot of beach days here this summer. Today was a pretty good beach day and below are some pics from a little cocktail cruise the GG and I took in the Motor Bote in the late afternoon. We only hit one rock…

2 Responses to “Cocktail cruise”

  1. l4827 Says:

    ‘It was a beauty’ (.ca?) as said to us by strollers passing by our martini-laiden deck at sunset last night.

  2. Margaret Says:

    It looks very pretty. I love being out on the water on days like those. There are times I miss having a boat, although Patt dealt with all the hard stuff. I could never manage it.