Slow as she goes

We made an improvement to the moomincabin this weekend. We (actually, the GG) installed a LIGHT in the teensy tinsey hallway outside the teensy tinsey moomincabin bathroom. Straight ahead through the open doorway is what we now call the “back bedroom” or something. When I was a child, my brother and I slept there in bunk beds. We didn’t really fight much about who got the top or bottom (that I remember), we just switched off throughout the summer. The last time I remember sleeping in that bunk bed was when I was in the bottom bunk with my baby Elizabeth.

I do not know why there was never a light in the “hall” before but probably because when I was a little kid we lived with a bit more sand and dirt and dust and dog kibble than I am comfortable living with now. My mom was a decent housekeeper but it is hard to keep up when kids and dogs are tracking in sand, etc. So I was trying to sweep the hall earlier in the summer and it was black as pitch there and I thought something like, “Why don’t we have a light here?” And so the GG put a light in.

So this switch has ALWAYS served to turn the main light on in the moomincabin bathroom. It is on the outside of the room, which isn’t standard. Probably that has something to do with the fact that for many years the bathroom was NOT a bathroom. It was called The Little Room and it contained shelves full of sheets and towels and I fergit what else and it was where we changed in and out of bathing suits and pajamas. We went to the bathroom in the outhouse and bathed in the lake. Eventually my parents acquired a daughter-in-law who was squeamish about using outhouses and my mother built an indoor bathroom.

We have a new light switch for the bathroom now. It is on the inside of the bathroom, which is more standard.

Except I am having a horrible time remembering *not* to turn on the outside switch if I want to go into the bathroom and to turn on the light switch INSIDE the bathroom. Other people are struggling with this too but I think we all agree that this is a good thing.

Here is a mini-view of the moomincabin bathroom. It is very small. When The Commander finally decided to install indoor plumbing and a toilet and shower, she figured out that the only way to fit a shower into The Little Room was to buy an RV shower. And so that’s what we have. It works well. You can see a bit of the toilet on the bottom right there. I clean toilets EVERY DAY.

At the end of the day, Lizard Breath arrived and here she is with her second cousin once removed. Same hair? Yes. I have that kind of hair too, except at this point in time, mine is all gray/white.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    People pay a lot to get hair like that! Mine has always gotten blond streaks in it (natural foils) but now that I’m old and gray, it’s mainly striping at the roots. That bathroom doesn’t look that small to me. My downstairs bathroom is small too.